RXW Street Team
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Join The Alternative today and be a part of the hottest and most exciting street team movement out there.

Long-time fans and those interested in seeking out their dream to be involved with a professional wrestling company that is trying to make a difference now can have their dreams answered. Assisting in the promoting and hyping of RXW live events, the RXW Street Team can get credit as an internship in communications and possibly have a shot for permanent employment down the road with RXW!

When ready, fill out the sign up form and submit it to RXWst1@yahoo.com ! We look forward to your assistance in one of the most exciting grassroots level campaign in professional wrestling!

Street Team Benefits

 RXW isn't a multi-million dollar sports entertainment monopoly, but a company built on the backs of dedicated wrestlers and fans that have and continue to make a major impact on the success of RXW. If you are interested in making a difference in the growth of RXW, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Working at the grassroots level, RXW Street Team participants work on several activities, such as:

  • Promote RXW events at sporting events.
  • Promote RXW events at high schools.
  • Promote RXW events at colleges.
  • Promote RXW events in popular shopping centers (including malls).
  • Promote RXW events at high traffic areas in their local area.

As a dedicated foot soldier of the RXW Street Team, members will be privy to free tickets, VIP entry, T-shirts, and possibly other goodies!

All that is asked is that you dedicate at the very minimum, two full afternoons per month to the distribution of flyers and posters.


The heart and soul of RXW is its fans. Without them, RXW would be nothing. For that, RXW has created the Street Team, a unique opportunity for fans interested in making a difference in the RXW cause. Below is a list of several frequently asked questions regarding RXW's Street Team.

What is the RXW Street Team?
The street team is a group of dedicated fans and individuals interested in entering pro wrestling that offer their support to RXW. They also are key in the promoting of live events produced by RXW.

What do I get out of joining the Street Team?
Rated X  Wrestling's mission is all about the fans, therefore we give back MORE than any other promotion has or will. When you join the street team you get free tickets (not discounts on tickets like other promotions and bands often offer!), VIP entry at live events, T-shirts, and possibly many more goodies to be announced! Also, if you are interested in a career in professional wrestling, it is a great opportunity to learn and impress individuals that could possibly open other doors. In case that wasn't enough, we offer internships for college credit (requires more hours than the minimal two afternoons per month requirement currently asked of all participants).

Is there any cost to joining the Street Team?
NO. Joining is completely free. There will never be any fees or dues.

How do I sign up for the Street Team?
Simply fill out all fields of the sign up form and we will get back to you regarding membership as soon as possible. Note: RXW Street Team memberships may hit high volume periods, so please be patient with our response.

When I sign up for the Street Team, I don't receive a confirmation. Am I signed up for it?
The database does not typically return a confirmation once you sign up since it is stored on a separate server than the web site. Yes, your information has been sent is in the process of being reviewed, so please do not send it multiples times because that bogs down the database.

What role will management play in the utilization of the RXW Street Team?
RXW management will coordinate the street team game plans and supply all needed resources. Of course, suggestions are always encouraged!

What can non-US fans do to help the RXW Street Team more effectively in their respective countries?
Even though certain elements of grassroots marketing cannot be applied in other countries as it is here, there are still many things you can do. For example, passing out flyers to advertise things like upcoming videos, calling and e-mailing television stations requesting RXW, sharing information about Rated X  Wrestling and its superstars via the Internet, and passing the site URL along to friends or people you know who might be interested.

If and when will promotional materials be sent to Street Team members in their respective markets, either for promotion for RXW's events or and future tours?
RXW is mainly making up/printing its own flyers right now. But, we can share the workload. If you would like to print out copies of flyers for distribution purposes, please contact RXWalternative@yahoo.com . With our Street Team staff and supercomputers (ok, ok - a couple of rabid people with great databases), we can forward information to you and mention good places to post flyers in your area. We will supply limited materials as they are made available to forward. Creatively, RXW is always looking for innovative ways to get the word out. It's time to stretch your creative muscles. Do you have an idea for a kick ass flyer? RXWalternative@yahoo.com  in so someone else can use it in their area. Did you get a store to display flyers in a creative way? Take a picture of it and send it in.

Are we expected to spend our own money on supplies for promo materials?
Well, if you want to make your own materials, please feel free to do so. RXW will generally give you the supplies. The members of the Street Team only do what they can, nothing more. You choose what activities you want to participate in. You don't have to do everything - just dedicate two afternoons per month to the cause! Just remember that it is kind of hard to take notice of the actions that are not seen. If you have a great idea, please bring it to us, and we'll see if we can marshal the resources needed.

How do I know what TV stations in my area may have interest in Rated X  Wrestling?
You can send in a request to RXWalternative@yahoo.com  for a copy of the TV station list, sorted by city/station ID/phone number. (The station ID's can also be used in any search engine to find your station's URL, and you can list that with other members. Please DO NOT post phone numbers anywhere.

Who do I contact if I have specific questions regarding the Street Team?
Questions regarding: TV stations, general inquiries, marketing activities, flyers, image submission and flyer design can be sent to: RXWalternative@yahoo.com  

What can I do to help promote RXW?
You can call TV stations in your area to request they air RXW TV. The stations take notice of POLITE AND MATURE frequent requests, and they tend to become interested in companies that have a strong following. You can also email local papers to request coverage of RXW events.