Arena Reports
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RXW's Family Report !
Even though RXW does work with our Main other Promotion we will only put the arena reports up for our sister promotion. DTW - Damn Thats Wrestling

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October 28th 2006

1. JD Smooth pinned Cory Kastle with help from his partner Funky White Boy

2. BiG L pinned Rough Rider with a Puerto Rican Jam off the top rope onto a steel chair

3. Joey Spade Pinned Funky White Boy ( and also his partner JD Smooth even though he was not in the match )

4. Chio Frost beat Breaker Morant, after the match Break went nutts and attacked Chio with the ring bell, busting him wide open

5. Problem Child Beat WWC's Bad Boy in a good match

6. The "Latin Attraction" Angel Gonzalez pinned the White Lotus in a hard fought battle

7. Main Event Crazed and Tommy Golden beat Tommy Force and Patch in a match that saw tables, laders and action all over the arena